Tuesday, July 20, 2010

rush of nostalgia at bangsar.

few days back, i visited the place where i spent my childhood. i was living there ten years ago, and i never have a visit ever since i shifted out. i didn't know i miss my childhood SO much.im glad that i went back in time and im able to relive such wonderful memories.
i was so excited, took a deep breath trying hard to smell my childhood. :] flashing back all the good old days, the stupidest thing i did, the cant-get-bored daily routine. magic is just everywhere! :D

moments shall be missed.
  • the happiest moment ever - the LAST day of school!! its always the happiest day in a year. the day that every child most looking forward to.

  • catching ladybugs. the red black spotted one, or u can get the yellow black spotted if you're lucky enough!

  • build all you want using pillows. we jump on it, fall from it, build again.. and continue playing the same thing over and over agian without getting bored of it.

  • the worse scene of all is when we are waiting for the arrival of our piano teacher!!!we're afraid of her. she cubit our arms till blue black whenever we play a wrong note. owh, thank you teacher.

  • and when the grass-cutting-man cutting the grass with the spinning cutter making a scary noise. owh, i was SO afraid that the cutter may just cut off my leg or something, i always try to avoid to go out of the house.
    owh, why didnt a enjoy the smell of the freshly cut grass~?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

feeling under the weather.

It's so gloomy outside,
so do my feelings.

I find my mood lifts considerably when the weather is good and drops badly when the weather is gloomy.

sometimes i feel im out of control. i cant control what im doing. in the end of the day, im thinking what am i doing? why did i messed up my own life? im
still uncertain about what i really wanted from my life, my relationship which i am still unclear if its coming or going. how many times do i need to fail?
owh well, lifes about failing, standing up, accepting and move on, right?

i know its okie for me to feel this way because i am experiencing some changes in life. walking into a new phase of life aint easy especially when i was in that comfort zone for so long.
i am excited about the change, anxious about the change, and depressed about letting go my previous life.

i really hope my class to start soon, and get really busy with life, and somehow, i will settle with my new life. and hopefully, the anxiety and depression will taper off then.

i shall stop wasting my strength struggling against my feelings;
yuanteng, patient and wait.

p.s. pardon me for my berketul ketul English as i had stop blogging since ages. and not studying for 6 months? lol i shall get so books and read now.
yuanteng blogging throughout the rainy weather. and its still raining.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

owh! its 2010 already?

i shall continue blogging AGAIN! =D

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friendship is more than just being friends.

not very close friend.
not very old friend.
not those 24/7 sticking together friend.

yet, a very simple and true friend,
whom call you for nothing,
but just making sure that you finished your homework and revision.

whom let you feel youre someone in her life.

whom let you feel cared and loved.

just a very simple post for me to thank you for being my friend. and all the best to you and me in our coming A2. =/

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

my holiday pastime.

holiday. once the holiday begins, i plan and plan and plan for my holiday, im afraid that my holiday would turn up to be boring. and so from the 1st day of the holiday, i've been going out with all kinds of friend from am to pm every single day. today, i'd actually found that i'd lost the passion for shopping. is like going for shopping aimlessly, u see nothing, u feel nothing. and i know i wont get something satisfying this way. but fun part was, i get to see my old friends, talking non stop with them, know they are find these days. =D

this is the very yuanteng's way of holiday!
so tomoro i will let myself a day rest and do my all my favorite past time. =)
yuanteng's favorite pastime--letting my time pass, having my own sweet time, taking my own sweet time, wasting my time, and living out of time. =)

satisfactory guaranteed!

Friday, June 12, 2009

i the.. suckee?

okie. world. yea exam is over. a beautiful full stop. but yea lazy me. so save the 'wow! exam-is-finally-over!' post.

and, you knoe whatttt? klang is getting real hot. i mean high temperature hot. not klang people are hot okie. some yea. like yours truly? but not all lah.
and i dunno what happenned but its really hazey nowadays. opened burners, smokers, idonesians(no, i love kakaks!) i just dun like u all la okie.

okie those are not the main points that worth to blog about. but it link, because of the damn weather, the bloody sucker fly in my room to have some fresh cool air to live! MOSQUITOESSSSSSSSSSSSS! i dun mind they suck me tho. but hell, why they just have to wake me up middle of the night!! its so irritating to wake up just to shock them! yes, i use the electric racket shock-er to shock them. lol

sucker! and yuanteng the.... suckee? haha.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

yuanteng finds..

super torturing to wait for the exams to end. yuanteng had been hanging for almost a month and yet exams still not ending yet. arrrgh! help~

its worse when seeing everyone is already enjoying thier holidays. =(

ellen quoted " the more i study, the more i realised that there are actually a lot more which i don't know."

yuanteng on the other hand quoted " the more i study, the more i realised im stupid not that smart."

if one day u find that i dont want to study already, dont worry, i just want to act smart. =)

have you ever noticed that the word 'studying' is made up of the words 'student' and 'dying'?