Tuesday, July 20, 2010

rush of nostalgia at bangsar.

few days back, i visited the place where i spent my childhood. i was living there ten years ago, and i never have a visit ever since i shifted out. i didn't know i miss my childhood SO much.im glad that i went back in time and im able to relive such wonderful memories.
i was so excited, took a deep breath trying hard to smell my childhood. :] flashing back all the good old days, the stupidest thing i did, the cant-get-bored daily routine. magic is just everywhere! :D

moments shall be missed.
  • the happiest moment ever - the LAST day of school!! its always the happiest day in a year. the day that every child most looking forward to.

  • catching ladybugs. the red black spotted one, or u can get the yellow black spotted if you're lucky enough!

  • build all you want using pillows. we jump on it, fall from it, build again.. and continue playing the same thing over and over agian without getting bored of it.

  • the worse scene of all is when we are waiting for the arrival of our piano teacher!!!we're afraid of her. she cubit our arms till blue black whenever we play a wrong note. owh, thank you teacher.

  • and when the grass-cutting-man cutting the grass with the spinning cutter making a scary noise. owh, i was SO afraid that the cutter may just cut off my leg or something, i always try to avoid to go out of the house.
    owh, why didnt a enjoy the smell of the freshly cut grass~?

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